IEC/SRD 63268 Ed. 1.0:2020 (en)
Energy and data interfaces of users connected to the smart grid with other smart grid stakeholders - Standardization landscape

発行年月日: 2020-10-29
状態: 有効
邦訳版: 無

規格概要 IEC SRD 63268:2020(E) depicts a comprehensive standardization landscape of the interfaces between the main grid stakeholders and the grid users, grid users comprising DERs and Customer Premises.
This document considers the main ""physical"" and ""logical"" interactions (i.e. through wires/functions power and/or communication) between grid users and grid stakeholders, both from an electrical standpoint and from a data standpoint. Then for each interaction type, the document presents the standardization landscape.
This document depicts, as well, the interactions between the grid stakeholders manipulating grid user related data, themselves. Effectively it appears that considering the sole landscape of the interfaces between the grid users and the grid would be very limited without considering the way the data attached to grid users are manipulated/managed within and between the different stakeholders holding these data. Providing a seamless vision of the management of these data is becoming of highest priority.
The document focuses exclusively on Distribution grid users, excluding as such ""bulk generation"" grid users and ""transmission connected grid users"", the main reason being that the main breakthrough resulting from the introduction of distributed energy resources affects mostly the Distribution grid users.
This document mostly focuses on establishing the standardization landscape for the considered domain, including the IEC entities involved in producing reports, technical specifications and standards related to it. From this assessment a first set of recommendations is issued related to the way IEC addresses this scope.
TC SyC Smart Energy
ICS 29.240