IEC 63152 Ed. 1.0:2020 (b)
Smart cities - City service continuity against disasters - The role of the electrical supply

発行年月日: 2020-07-13
状態: 有効
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規格概要 IEC 63152:2020 establishes concepts and gives guidelines to help sustain a variety of city services on the occasion of a disaster from the perspective of providing electricity. It outlines the basic concepts on how multiple city services can cooperate and continue by electricity continuity plan(s) and electricity continuity system(s). It also specifies methods and means to establish these.
The users of this document are assumed to be city developers, city operators, equipment manufacturers, essential service providers and disaster management personnel.
Cities are facing many kinds of potential threats which affect the continuity of city services. There exists, therefore, a great need to establish safe and secure societies in which negative impacts on city services to the citizens are minimized and city services are continuously available to them during a period of emergency. There is no doubt that, in modern cities, electricity plays a critical role in maintaining city services.
TC SyC Smart Cities
ICS 03.100.70