IEC 63132-2 Ed. 1.0:2020 (b)
Guidance for installation procedures and tolerances of hydroelectric machines - Part 2: Vertical generators

発行年月日: 2020-04-20
状態: 有効
邦訳版: 無

規格概要 IEC 63132-2:2020: The purpose of this this part of IEC 63132 is to establish, in a general way, suitable procedures and tolerances for installation of generator. This document presents a typical assembly. There are many possible ways to assemble a unit. The size of the machines, design of the machines, layout of the powerhouse or delivery schedule of the components are some of the elements that could result in additional steps, the elimination of some steps and/or assembly sequences.
It is understood that a publication of this type will be binding only if, and to the extent that, both contracting parties have agreed upon it.
This document excludes matters of purely commercial interest, except those inextricably bound up with the conduct of installation.
This document applies to vertical generators according to IEC 60034-7.
The tolerances in this document have been established upon best practices and experience, although it is recognized that other standards specify different tolerances.
Brushless excitation system is not included in this document.
Wherever this document specifies that documents, drawings or information is supplied by a manufacturer (or by manufacturers), each individual manufacturer will furnish the appropriate information for their own supply only.
ICS 27.140