IEC 62559-3 Ed. 1.0:2017 (b)
Use case methodology - Part 3: Definition of use case template artefacts into an XML serialized format

発行年月日: 2017-12-13
状態: 有効
邦訳版: 無

規格概要 IEC 62559-3:2017 defines the core concepts and their serialization into XML syntactic format of a use case template, an Actor list and list for detailed requirements This provides a common XML format for importing/exporting use case information between a variety of modelling software and repositories.For complex systems, the use case methodology supports a common understanding of functionalities, Actors and processes across different technical committees or even different organizations. Developed as software engineering tool, the methodology can be used to support the development of standards as it facilitates the analysis of requirements in relation to new or existing standards. Further arguments for the use case methodology and background information are available in IEC 62559-1.This part of IEC 62559 establishes the interfaces between the different use case repositories and/or UML engineering software tools. Once this level of interoperability is achieved, IEC 62559 can provide a reliable mechanism to interpret those XML data in order to represent graphically UML use cases.
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ICS 29.020