IEC 61169-64 Ed. 1.0:2019 (b)
無線周波数コネクタ-第64部:品種別通則-外導体内径0,8mmを持つ無線周波同軸コネクタ-特性インピーダンス50(タイプ 0,8)
Radio frequency connectors - Part 64: Sectional specification - RF coaxial connectors with 0,8 mm inner diameter of outer conductor - Characteristic impedance 50 (type 0,8)

発行年月日: 2019-09-12
状態: 有効
邦訳版: 無

規格概要 IEC 61169-64:2019, which is a sectional specification (SS), provides information and rules for the preparation of detail specifications (DS) for IEC 61169 (all parts) coaxial connectors with 0,8 mm coupling.
The connectors are used with cables with characteristic impedance 50 in an operating frequency range up to 145 GHz. The connectors are widely used in communications and measurements.
It describes the interface dimensions for general purpose connectors with gauging information and the mandatory tests selected from IEC 61169-1, applicable to all detail specifications relative to type 0,8 connectors.
This specification indicates the recommended performance characteristics to be considered when writing a DS and covers all tests schedules and inspection requirements.
TC TC 46/SC 46F
ICS 33.120.30