IEC 62853 Ed. 1.0:2018 (b)
Open systems dependability

発行年月日: 2018-06-13
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規格概要 IEC 62853:2018 provides guidance in relation to a set of requirements placed upon system life cycles in order for an open system to achieve open systems dependability. This document elaborates on IEC 60300-1 by providing details of the changes needed to accommodate the characteristics of open systems. It defines process views based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015, which identifies the set of system life cycle processes. This document is applicable to life cycles of products, systems, processes or services involving hardware, software and human aspects or any integrated combinations of these elements. For open systems, security is especially important since the systems are particularly exposed to attack. This document can be used to improve the dependability of open systems and to provide assurance that the process views specific to open systems achieve their expected outcomes. It helps an organization define the activities and tasks that need to be undertaken to achieve dependability objectives in an open system, including dependability related communication, dependability assessment and evaluation of dependability throughout system life cycles.Keywords: dependability of open systems
TC TC 56
ICS 21.020
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