IEC 62610-2 Ed. 1.0:2018 (b)
電子機器の機械的構造-IEC 60297及びIEC 60917シリーズによるキャビネットの熱管理-第2部:強制空気冷却構造の決定方法
Mechanical structures for electrical and electronic equipment - Thermal management for cabinets in accordance with IEC 60297 and IEC 60917 series - Part 2: Method for the determination of forced air cooling structure

発行年月日: 2018-05-16
状態: 有効
邦訳版: 無

規格概要 IEC 62610-2:2018 provides for compatible methods of configuring forced air cooled cabinets assembled with associated subracks and/or chassis in accordance with the IEC 60297 and IEC 60917 series.This document contains the following:a) thermal interfaces of subracks and/or chassis-based equipment in a cabinet, described by: reference temperature, preferred airflow conditions, airflow volume conditions, standard air; b) procedures for determining compatible forced airflow conditions in a cabinet by applying typical thermal interface conditions. The drawings used are not intended to indicate product design. They are only for explanatory indications for determining forced air cooling. Keywords: Cabinets, Subracks, Forced Air Cooling, Thermal Management
TC TC 48/SC 48D
ICS 31.240